Andrew Gunter aka andrewg

B.Bus (Marketing/Information Systems), Grad.Dip App.Sc (Digital Communications), Grad. Dip. Southeast Asian Studies, B.Ed, LLB (current)

Director & Chief Technology Officer

Internet & Telecommunications Australia (ITA) Pty Ltd

Career Overview

Andrew Gunter has over 30 years experience in the communications, information technology and Internet industries, beginning in 1989 with Telstra Australia, working with leading edge data communications technologies. Having spent four years product managing a variety of technologies, including new product development (ISDN & large bandwidth fibre-based networks), he then relocated to Canberra as both a Consultant then Account Director, with responsibility for the communications needs of several Federal Government departments.

Following Telstra’s acquisition of Australia’s AARNet Internet backbone, Andrew spent an exciting two years within a start-up environment, being responsible for the development, management and marketing of Australia’s first commercial Internet backbone (Telstra Internet).  He then worked with IBM for two years, leading the consulting team in creating and managing IBM’s Australian eBusiness capability.

Andrew then spent two years starting and working for Internet & Telecommunications Australia (ITA) before managing the capital raising for, and start-up of, Pacific Commerce, an Australian-owned eCommerce company.  After 2 years as Chief Technical Officer for Pacific Commerce, he assumed the role of Managing Director in September 2001, following a leveraged management buyout of the organisation. During his time with Pacific Commerce, Andrew led the creation, development, and commercialisation of the Boulevard data management software suite, pulled together and provided leadership for a talented and committed team, and drove the development of leading-edge and secure Internet-based applications and trading (EDI) document exchange services for many Australian organisations.

Electing once again to work within a boutique-consulting environment in 2004, Andrew returned to ITA as Director and Chief Technology Officer, the role he still occupies. This has provided the opportunity to once again work closely with a range of clients while enjoying complete control of all aspects of client relationships and projects.

His experience and knowledge has also allowed him to build a team of specialist contractors to augment his own skills and time.

Andrew has worked with a range of clients in telecommunications & utilities, publishing, travel, communications, media, government, transport, and community organisations, as well as providing web development and consulting services to two charities on a pro-bono basis. He enjoys an easy but professional rapport with client team members and can relate and communicate effectively with business managers.

He brings to our clients both high level technical skills and an in-depth understanding of current and developing Internet technologies, as well as consulting and general business management knowledge and skills. His excellent analytical, written, and oral presentation skills provide the backbone of his consulting capability. His ability to collaboratively work with both technical and business representatives of clients is a real strength, together with his proven and mature ability to deliver results on time and within budget.


  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing, Information Systems). University of Western Sydney, NSW Australia.
  • Advanced Client Consulting. Telstra, VIC Australia.
  • Advanced Selling Skills. Telstra , VIC Australia.
  • Consulting and Account Management. IBM, Sydney, NSW Australia.
  • Graduate Diploma in Applied Science (Digital Communications). Monash University, VIC Australia.
  • Graduate Diploma in Southeast Asian Studies (1/2 years completed). Australian National University, ACT Australia.
  • Bachelor of Education. Charles Sturt University, NSW Australia.
  • Bachelor of Laws (currently studying). Southern Cross University, NSW Australia.

Technical Skills

Andrew is an experienced full-stack Internet developer with excellent skills across HTML5/CSS3, Javascript (largely utilising jQuery and jQueryUI), PHP, MySQL, WordPress, and Codeigniter. He has consulted widely across a number of industries and has an in-depth understanding of user experience and responsive design across all device types (browser, tablet, smart phone), as well as proven systems analysis & design, networking, and linux system administration skills.

His experience spans custom and CMS-based website development, cloud-based application design and development, and rapid prototyping.

Following is a summary of Andrew’s technical skills:

  • Consulting: Systems and business process analysis, leading to effective technology strategy and implementation.
  • Consulting: Excellent written and oral communication.
  • Development: Responsive Design, HTML5/CSS3, WCAG guidelines, Sass, JavaScript with an emphasis on jQuery, PHP, MySQL, WordPress, and the CodeIgniter development framework.
  • Team building: both with client teams and in assembling and managing specialist teams.
  • Internet: advanced skills in Linux web server management, WHM/cPanel, DNS, systems management and reporting, and Internetworking protocols and systems.

Business Skills

Andrew has over 30 years experience in technology-related industries and businesses. In this time, Andrew has worked for large corporations in marketing, customer consulting, key account management and sales, and general management. He has also been the founder (ITA) and co-founder (Pacific Commerce) of two successful start-ups, and has 20 years in both business and technical management roles for these two organisations.

Following is a summary of Andrew’s business skills:

  • Business planning, start-up creation, general business management and reporting, and capital raising.
  • Employee acquisition and team management.
  • Team building: both with client teams and in assembling and managing specialist teams.
  • Sales and consulting, account management, general management.

External Resources

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Customer References

Mr. Rafael Lino de Lima
Engineering Director
Intersource Solutions.

Mr. David Carney
Executive Director
Career Industry Council of Australia

Mr. Christian Toouli
Executive Director
Bio-Link Australia (not an ITA site :))

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